Meet the Authors - Kim Johnston & Jenny B. Scott

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Coming April 13th!

Kim Johnston has always been fascinated by the paranormal. She never experienced anything other-worldy though until she moved to the small town of Chelsea, AL in 2008. She is a graduate of Auburn University at Montgomery and develops software for a living by day. As the founder of the paranormal research team, Spirit Communications and Research (SCARe) of Alabama, she chases ghosts across the Deep South by night.  Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting is Johnston's third book about things that go bump in the night. haint blue rockford haunting book by jenny scott and kim johnston paranormal witness voodoo preacher willie maxwell haint blue the rockford haunting book

​​​​Jenny B. Scott is a freelance writer, blogger, autism warrior mom, haunting survivor and part-time knitter.  She has written for many local publications in the East Alabama/West Georgia area including: Columbus and the Valley Magazine, Valley Parent Magazine, East Alabama Living Magazine and Southern Views Magazine.  She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from Auburn University. Haint Blue: The Rockford Haunting is her debut title.

​​​​HAINT BLUE: The Rockford Haunting 

Its eyes are not human or animal, but I can tell it has an intelligence.
It is an indistinguishable dark red shape, with piercing eyes and a mouth full of teeth. But through my blurry lens of terror, I can't get my eyes to focus.  I can't get my body to move. It's going to kill me...